Something outstanding

Talking about something outstanding. May be this is the first post that i try to write in english.

Outstanding. Hehe Outstanding or in Indonesia ‘luar biasa’ is a word that explains something better. Or best of the best. In another definition (my definition) outstanding or luar biasa is something that unusual. Different than usual.

As an example, a poor man who can’t fullfil his necessaries get so much money that can make him n family buy all the necessaries. For him thats outstanding. But for a rich man thats not an outstanding thing. Because he can do it everyday may be.

Thats for a ‘positive’ thing. What about ‘negative’? Can we call it ‘outstanding’?

When a richman can’t buy even just a cup of coffe suddenly. His business got bangkrupt. Would he say ‘outstanding’? I think he should. ๐Ÿ™‚ What about u?


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